340 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst 2010, NSW
T: 02 9360 6885
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Their motto ‘hospitality from the heart’ shines through.
Always full of people, Una’s offers a warm and inviting
spot to dine in an otherwise busy part of town.

Emily, Weekend Notes

Our Offers

Grated potatos, panfried with butter until golden and crisp. Invented originally by the German-Swiss, Rösti is a potato speciality. It is quite similar to Hashbrowns. This combined with a decent sized Schnitzel makes Una’s a household name for over 40 years.

Event’s at Una’s Restaurant

Events will be announced through the website and Facebook.
Visit our facebook page.

Lunch deals for the Una’s Community:

Although known for Schnitzels, don’t forget to check out our breakfast and lunch menu.

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